Date: 1/27/19 7:25 am
From: Robin and Daniel Zmoda <robinanddanielz...>
Subject: Monroe county WRS late report
County- Monroe
Observers-Dan Zmoda, Doug Burton, Brad Orey
Time on Route- 3 h 45 m
Miles on Route-77


#Harriers (Male/Female/Imm.)-0

#Red-tails (Ad./Imm./ND)-6/1/3 10 total

#Rough-legs (Light/Dark)-0

#Kestrels (M/F/ND)-0


Cooper's (Ad/Imm.)-1/0 1 total

Red-shouldered hawks (Ad/Imm.)-0

Bald Eagles (Ad./Imm.)-4/5 9 total

other raptors-none

Shrikes or Owls- Great Horned Owl 1 flew across the road

Avg Temperature- 28/34 31 avg
Sky(Clear/ Pt cloudy/ Cloudy)- cloudy
Wind (light/medium/strong)- light
Avg Snow Cover-trace

Other birds of note-none It was a toss up if the eagles or hawks would come
out ahead, with the eagles giving a last push of 2 ad and 1 imm at our last
stop. Usual red shoulder was a miss this year. Redtails about average, but
eagles were the most we have ever gotten since they first showed up in 2014

Dan Zmoda

Pen Argyl
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