Date: 1/27/19 7:02 am
From: Robin and Daniel Zmoda <robinanddanielz...>
Subject: Northampton County (NE) WRS
County- Northampton
Observers-Dan Zmoda, Doug Burton
Time on Route- 3 h 15 m
Miles on Route-44


#Harriers (Male/Female/Imm.)-0

#Red-tails (Ad./Imm./ND)-17/0/13 30 total

#Rough-legs (Light/Dark)-0

#Kestrels (M/F/ND)-0


Cooper's (Ad/Imm.)-0

Red-shouldered hawks (Ad/Imm.)-0/1

Bald Eagles (Ad./Imm.)-0/3

other raptors-unid 3
Peregrine 1Ad

Shrikes or Owls- none

Avg Temperature- 23/30 26.5 avg
Sky(Clear/ Pt cloudy/ Cloudy)- partly cloudy
Wind (light/medium/strong)- medium
Avg Snow Cover-none

Other birds of note-
Redtails were highest count since 2013 (46) and just about every one was up
in the air
vulture numbers were about average, Kestrels are hit or miss and we missed
although one was seen on the route during the week. All eagles were at
Grand Central Landfill

Dan Zmoda

Pen Argyl
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