Date: 1/26/19 3:50 pm
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Size of female Goldeneyes
I was told recently by a supposed "expert" that a bird smaller than a
ring-necked duck couldn't be a goldeneye. But that information is
incorrect! there are plenty of pictures showing goldeneye females next
to our smallest duck, the bufflehead, and just barely bigger than them.
Goldeneye females are MUCH smaller than males, and can easily be
significantly smaller than ring-necks.  Just another case of the
"experts" being wrong!

I was reminded of this by a recent ebird post showing a female goldeneye
with some buffleheads. You can see how it is barely bigger than the
buffies at . With quite a
few goldeneyes showing up now with the cold weather, its good to keep in
mind. And always bear in mind Ben Franklins advice: "Question Authority!"

Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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