Date: 1/25/19 2:03 pm
From: Thomas Miko <thomas_miko...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Rio Hondo birds
Friday 1/25/2019
I went to the Rio Hondo spreading grounds (Note to self: stop going there in the middle of the day, when the heat haze makes using a scope or camera impractical) to see if the Lesser Bolack backed Gull might be around. Neither it, nor any water were to be found anywhere. There were some gulls flying overhead constantly, but none of them sitting on the ground(nor, to state the obvious, sitting in water).
There is an adult male Eurasian Wigeon in the south western pond (I was unaware of this bird). This pond has a few patches of water in it, still, barely enough to hold a moderate mixed flock of ducks and geese.
It is advisable to look at John Garrett’s eBird report of 1/18/2019 to see photographs of 3 large Cackling Geese that are not fun to separate from Canada Goose at a distance. All of the ducks and geese behaved as if I was a hunter with a shotgun, as opposed to a birder with a scope and tripod.
The Burrowing Owl was sitting out me open on broken chunks of concrete under 100 yards directly west of
When I arrived, it was sitting out in the open, but when I looked down to prepare my camera, to take a picture of it, it disappeared. Despite that fact, if you go looking for it you’ll probably see it.
Before going there this morning I stopped at tip Bonelli for over an hour and saw the flock of Common Mergansers (no Neotropic Cormorants; only D Crested). Despite spending a lot of time looking and listening on Kiko’s trail, I did not find any California Gnatcatchers (this happens every January, then in the early spring they are out and about, quite visible and audible and easy to find.).

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