Date: 1/24/19 1:05 pm
From: <susan...>
Subject: Winter hummers in NC

Reports of hummingbirds across the state were few and far between this
winter-- except along the southern coast. But with the cold snap not
only have we had communications from folks who have had hummers for
awhile-- but new hummers were making appearances as ell. In three
cases, they were first noticed at flowers and then moved to feeders. So
keep an eye on your sugar water if it still out there!

Two Rufous/Allen's are in the western part of the state (Franklin as
well as Mars Hill) and we are working on getting them banded and IDed

There is another Rufous/Allen's is in Carrboro. And there may be a bird
of unknown identity in Cary (not reliably using a feeder yet this week).
So far, we are only aware of two hummers in the Charlotte area (both
likely Rufous/Allen's). And there is a immature male Rufous?Allen's in
Buxton-- who was very happy-- and uncatchable a couple weeks ago.

Presumably the female Rufous in Apex is back for her fifth winter in the
same spot. She has, so far, eluded recapture in order to check her
band, etc. Hope to change that this weekend...

The season is far from over-- so look forward to more reports in the
weeks to come!

Susan Campbell
Southern Pines, NC

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