Date: 1/23/19 7:02 am
From: Tim Holland <timothyholland...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Three (4?) Bald Eagles and GBBG harassing Mergansers: downtown Burlington
This morning while on Burlington waterfront bike path (near that exercise
equipment that's about a quarter mile north of the coast guard station), I
saw three adult Bald Eagles flying north following the shoreline. They
continued north as far as I could see (past North Beach). Flying one after
the other, but well spread out (probably 20-30 seconds between each one).

When I arrived at the waterfront, I saw a Great Black-backed Gull
repeatedly diving into a loose raft of about 80 Common Mergansers (and one
Common Goldeneye), causing several ducks to scatter each time. I wondered
if it was the behavior described in here - - of gulls waiting for diving
ducks to bring food up from underwater and then attacking them to steal it.

While I was watching the Mergansers, an adult Bald Eagle flew over the
coast guard station coming from the north (it may have been one of the
first 3 I saw, but I have no way to know). It flew low along almost the
entire length of the outer breakwater until eventually landing on the ice
just northeast of the lighthouse at the southern end of the breakwater. It
was there when I left, but that was about 30 minutes ago.



Tim Holland
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