Date: 1/23/19 4:21 am
From: Paul Serridge (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Mute and Black Swans at Furman U - Swan Lake
Following Kent Fiala's excellent emails about not reporting captive
waterfowl on eBird please note that the Mute Swans and Black Swans at
Furman U - Swan Lake, an ebird Hotspot in Greenville County, SC, are
captive, pinioned birds, incapable of flight.
As such they are not countable on ebird.

As the area eBird reviewer I invalidate reports from Furman of these 2
species and send an email to reporters to explain why.
Some remove the species from their ebird reports; some do not.
It's their decision as to whether or not to include these species on their
personal eBird lists.
They will NOT show on the public eBird data for that hotspot.

Please help reduce my reviewing workload by NOT reporting Mute Swan or
Black Swan from Furman.

Good birding,

Paul Serridge,
Greenville, SC

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