Date: 1/22/19 3:30 pm
From: Tom Kuehl <tjk.kuehl...>
Subject: WRS - Westmoreland County
Hi All,

This is the 8th running of our Slickville Route which covers a large area
north of Rt. 22 and east of Rt. 66. The total of 51 Raptors was second only
to 52 in 2016 when we tallied 42 Red-tailed Hawks.

Tom Kuehl

Westmoreland County

County - Westmoreland

Date - January 22, 2019

Observers- Tom and Janet Kuehl, and Ken Byerly

Total time actually surveying Hours: 5 Minutes- 13

Start time 10:01am /End time 3:42pm

Miles on route 87.4

Red-tails- Total = 35 Ad. 12 /Imm. 3 /ND 20

Kestrels- Total of 6 M 5 /F 1

Cooper's - 3 (Previous high was of 1 in 2017 and 2013)

Red-shoulders Ad 5 /Imm /ND (Previous high was 2 in 2017)

Bald Eagles- Ad 1 /Imm.

Other raptors ? One Unidentified Falcon on Story Road near Thorne Run Road.
Briefly seen by all. Pointed wings, however it dipped behind some pines
before confident a ID could be made.


Avg Temp.- 25 F

Sky- Pt cloudy

Wind - Light

Avg Snow cover depth - 1"

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