Date: 1/22/19 1:40 pm
From: Shawn McVicar <shawnmcvic...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Wilson's Phalaropes?
I spent a little time scoping Punchbowl Lake on VAFB and saw 13 birds standing in the shallows that took me a while to ID. At first I took them for Yellowlegs, but they didn't look quite right. I was maxed out on my zoom and still very far, so i took notes to ID them when I returned to my computer to make sure. Then a couple of them go into the water and I immediately thought "phalaropes". Wilson's is the best fit given what i could see, and the habitat. What are the possibilities I am correct? Also, if anyone could get out there, they didn't look like they were going anywhere soon. I was on my lunch break so I won't be able to respond or get back until after 3:30 today. Here are my notes:

Black bill, yellow legs, dark/dirty band on breast, gray/brown back/wings, gray head extended from shoulders, white belly and throat, white rump.

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