Date: 1/22/19 9:29 am
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Subject: Re: Cape May Warbler, Lancaster County
I've had several questions concerning the welfare of the warbler during this single-digit cold snap, so I thought I'd post for everyone. He was seen at the peanut butter/lard suet mix several times yesterday. I did not see him before I left for work this morning, but will look for him this afternoon.

Interesting that a second Cape May Warbler was rescued and identified by Jason Horn today, at Cumberland, Children's Lake, (reported by Ted Nichols). Hope that one will recover.

-Meredith Lombard

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Greetings PABirders

An update on the male Cape May Warbler (CMWA) that was first seen at a suet feeder at my house on November 24, 2018. He has become a regular visitor to a suet feeding station at my house for most of December, and so far, for every day in January. On below freezing days, he visits the suet often, on above freezing days, there are gaps in his regular visits; I would surmise he's foraging in local evergreen trees and bushes looking for insects. Noting the frequency of his visits was made possible by the installation of a camera trap this week to keep tabs on birds visiting the feeding station. Remarkably, the first bird captured on camera at the suet feeding station was a male Northern Cardinal, appearing just after 7:00 a.m., with the CMWA hot on its tail, first visiting about 7:15 a.m. This was the morning after the first snowfall of 2019 (Last Sat eve/Sun morning). The warbler made 37 individual visits to the suet, his average time spent around the station was about two minutes. The following day was warmer, and he was caught on camera only 11 times.
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