Date: 1/21/19 5:00 pm
From: David Lawton via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] 2016 Avon - Curlew Sandpiper?
Spent a couple hours this evening uploading photos from various birding
trips over the past few years and happened upon some ID photos from a bird
I believe I misidentified as a Pectoral Sandpiper at Fisher Meadows in
September 2016 (light wasn't great and I believe one had been reported
there... so I was biased). I took some photos but didn't study them, until
this evening.

Here is the eBird report, with the photos I uploaded and my thinking re the
Here is the description based on going through the photos and looking at a
lot of books and photos online:

I have been adding photos I've taken over the past several years to eBird
sightings. When I came upon this bird that I had identified as a Pectoral
Sandpiper previously, I realized it didn't look quite right. Even a
juvenile Pectoral doesn't have a bill like that. Bill is long and
downcurved. Scaly above (unlike Dunlin, and base of bill thinner than
Dunlin); stature not like Stilt Sandpiper, and bill not as thick. Bairds
would be scaly but not as reddish and would not have quite the long,
decurved bill and greater primary projection. Appreciate any comments, but
it sure looks like a Curlew Sandpiper to me. The contrasty breast is not
typical for Curlew S. but some juveniles have it more than others. Note in
one photo (with Semipalmated Sandpiper, the white blotch by the throat, I
believe, is a plant and not part of the bird.

Would love some input here!

David Lawton
Avon, CT
D. Lawton
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