Date: 1/21/19 4:16 pm
From: Tom Kuehl <tjk.kuehl...>
Subject: WRS - Westmoreland County - Peregrine Falcon ...Again!
This route was established in 2017 by Sharon Gewecke and this is the second
year for Janet and I joining her on the route. It covers open farm county in
the vicinity of the Westmoreland Fair Grounds in Pleasant Unity, and
includes a pass through Mammoth Park.

For the second year we tallied a Peregrine Falcon. This year’s Peregrine
Falcon was seen by all flying over the open fields on Fairgrounds Road, less
than ˝ mile from where we saw one last year on Pollins Road.

Just 12 total raptors on this cold day, but good variety. (Just a total of
15 last year).

County – Westmoreland Gewecke Route

Date – January 21, 2019

Observers- Tom Kuehl, Janet Kuehl, Sharon Gewecke

Total time actually surveying Hours: 2 Minutes- 16

Start time 10:38 am /End time 12:54pm

Miles on route 37.7

Harriers- 1 Juvenile

Red-tails- Total = 7 Ad. = 1 /Imm. = 1 /ND = 5

Kestrels- M =1 /F /ND

Cooper's - 2 (Both Adults)

Other raptors ? Peregrine Falcon – 1 Juvenile (on Fairgrounds Road, within
˝ mile to where one was seen on Pollin’s Road on 2/3/18)

21 Horned Larks on Blacksmith Road

1 Common Raven at the Fair Grounds

Avg Temp.- 7.5 F

Sky- Cloudy to Partly Cloudy

Wind - Medium

Avg Snow cover depth – 1 inch

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