Date: 1/21/19 9:43 am
From: JOS GRZYBOWSKI <j_grzybowski...>
Subject: Re: Lake Overholser today
Have a post in eBird from yesterday.Most of the waterfowl among the flurry of cormorants, pelicans and gulls were goldeneye and red-breasted mergansers (only 2 Common Mergansers).  A separate group of Lesser Scaup.There was a strung-out group of dabblers (100s) in the northwest area of the lake, mostly Mallard, but about 5 other species, and some Ruddy Ducks.
Only pulled out 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls from the rest of the gulls--one first-winter and one second-winter.Also a winter-plumaged Eared Grebe out from the first parking turnout on the north side.  Located only 2 Horned Grebes, those along west edge of lake.
CHEERS,                         JOE Grzybowski On Sunday, January 20, 2019, 4:03:44 PM CST, shenthorn205 <shenthorn205...> wrote:

If you have a notion, head on over to Lake Overholser.  Hundreds of pelicans and gulls near shore. Hundreds of birds farther from shore. It's  easy to recognize the gulls and cormorants, but it looks like a feeding frenzy.  I'd be curious what divers may be there also.  I suspect there may be mergansers and maybe ring-necked and redhead ducks at a distance.Sharon

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