Date: 1/20/19 2:53 pm
From: Nancy Cladel <ncladel...>
Subject: Re: feeder density question
I have noted the same. In addition, the species are somewhat different.
For example, we have numerous flickers but no tree sparrows. Tree
sparrows ( as well as white crowns) were common at our feeders in the
winter 20 years ago but have steadily decreased in recent years. Habitat
is still quite good so I don't think the observation is due to habitat
loss. I feel sure that climate change is playing a role but teasing apart
just what is going on will take some good science.

Nancy Cladel, Dauphin County

On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 5:15 PM tom and sheri <troberts2459...>

> Very unscientific. My and all friends and family have observed a marked
> decline in numbers of birds at feeding stations. Some maybe be due to the
> - so far- mild winter. It is my observation that when there is little to
> no snow cover, species disperse.
> Has anyone noticed similar conditions?
> If so, what do you attribute it to?
> Tom Roberts
> Somerset County
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