Date: 1/19/19 11:02 am
From: Franklin Haas <fhaasbirds...>
Subject: WRS - Turtle Pond - Lancaster County
Today 01/19/19
Frank & Barb Haas

37 Black Vulture
48 Turkey Vulture
7 Bald Eagle 5 Ad; 2 Imm.
1 Cooper's Hawk 1 Ad
7 Red-tailed Hawk 7 Ad
2 American Kestrel 2 Male
1 Merlin

59 Miles
3 Hours
34 degrees
Moderate Wind
1" snow cover

1 Killdeer
5 Common Ravens
1 Kingfisher
a few Horned Larks

Bald Eagles were a new high.
Vultures were above average
Everything else was below average.

NOTE to other WRS reporters: When reporting your results, please put the
total number of birds before the species name and the breakdown of Age/sex,
etc. after (like above). That is what was meant by the # Red-tailed Hawk,
etc in the reporting instructions.


Frank Haas

Wisdom begins with putting the right name to a thing.
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