Date: 1/19/19 6:49 am
From: Charlie Teske <cteske140...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Amazon Prime
You can tell it's winter when the discussion of bird songs turns to TV and the movies! Get outdoors and listen to the chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers before it gets so cold your tongues stick to your feeder poles!

On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 18:02:26 -0500, Miriam Lawrence wrote:

Also... to be really nitpicky... I grew up in that area and know it well. The Borscht Belt hotels and bungalow colonies are not at nearly high enough elevation for this species, and it seems highly unlikely that the little birdwatching ouckting depicted in the show involved a hike with a 1500-2000 foot elevation gain.

It’s a great show, though! :)


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> On Jan 18, 2019, at 2:41 PM, Teage O'Connor wrote:
> My sister's a director and I was always gripe that the bird sounds in
> movies rarely have any correlation to the birds that might occur on screen,
> the time of year, or even geographic location. Has any director even heard
> a bald eagle make a noise? I always offer my consulting services to her
> director friends. Alas, no one's taken me up on the offer.
> Teage O'Connor
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>> On Fri, 18 Jan 2019 at 08:26, Ted Levin wrote:
>> FYI: For those of you who subscribe to Amazon Prime, there is a very funny,
>> very Jewish comedy *The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel* about an aspiring female
>> comedian in the mid- to late-fifties. The show takes place mostly on the
>> Upper West of Manhattan, with jaunts into coffee houses in the Village and
>> up to resorts in the Catskills.
>> The point of this email is that during several episodes in the second year
>> (2018) the family spends the summer at Steiner's in the Borscht Belt, one
>> of many Jewish resorts in the Catskills that were popular in the 40s, 50s,
>> 60s, and 70s. In one episode, for a mere 15 seconds, there is a clip of a
>> bird walk; the leader stops everyone, shooshes them, and then points out a
>> singing Bicknell's thrush, which is *not* singing a thrush song. Of course,
>> in 1959 there were no Bicknell thrushes; they were all considered
>> gray-cheeks until Chris Rimmer and company separated them out, forty plus
>> years later.
>> Ted
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