Date: 1/18/19 9:19 am
From: Andrea Landsberg <andrea.landsberg...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] goldfinch with eye infection
Does anyone have an idea of what type of eye drop I can use to treat a goldfinch with eye infection?
I found it this morning sitting in the snow under a bird feeder - I think I saw this bird when it only had one eye infected about a week ago (let me come up to it on one side but then saw me and flew off). Now I could easily catch it from behind and saw that both eyes were sealed shut. Managed to get one to open using some warm water. It reacts loudly when handled so I'm hoping it my be strong enough to make it? But think it will need some sort of treatment?
Or I would be willing to take it to a certified rehaber if anyone knows who would take a finch....
Just couldn't let it sit there in snow to die!
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