Date: 1/11/19 9:12 pm
From: Larry S. Goodhew <lsg...>
Subject: [obol] Sedge Wren
Hi All.  It was so fun today to bird with the group. We saw some folk we
had not birded with for a long time and even met a few new people.

     That many could hear the bird and get us on at least to the right
area was a joy. Those of us with poor or little hearing enjoyed it. I
personally had not heard a soft bird call for over 40 years. Now with
new hearing aids on full power, I at least heard the crows and the
geese! I heard a few sparrow type calls, I think, the Golden-crowned
Sparrows as they were close.

     The long trip home, 400+ miles, was good except for the fog from
Pendleton to Walla Walla was not much fun. Again, thanks to Daniel and
the others for helping to make this trip fun.

Larry and Jacque Goodhew from Walla Walla, WA.

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