Date: 1/11/19 2:56 pm
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Subject: Re: IBET Absence of Tree Sparrows (no sightings)
Hi Chris,

I too have observed that the feeder birds are sparser on warmer days and more numerous on rainy and cold days, which would make sense. As we've had a warmer January than average so far, there have not been as many birds. On one recent particularly rainy day, however, 4 downy woodpeckers, 3 hairy woodpeckers and 2 red-bellied woodpeckers sheltered on the same side of one Elm tree trunk, a higher number than average for my yard. I do not get Tree Sparrows in my yard, so unfortunately, I am not able to comment on that. I have a couple WBNHs year-round and I've had a couple RBNHs visiting since mid fall.

What has been really striking is the number of cardinals, up to 17 at once at dusk, on the feeders or in the nearby shrub, waiting for their turn. In prior year, the numbers were in the single digits. I noticed some posts on Facebook with pictures of multiple cardinals in a tree or shrub, with the poster marveling at the numbers. Is anyone else observing such high numbers of cardinals?


Tamima Itani
Evanston, Cook County


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Sent: Friday, January 11, 2019 4:41 PM
Subject: IBET Absence of Tree Sparrows (no sightings)

Last winter there were more than a dozen tree sparrows at our feeder, which backs up to ideal habitat with mixed grasses and wetlands. This year, I had two birds earlier in the winter and now, nothing.

In fact the dearth of birds in general is rather perplexing, but they vanish during warmer spells and that explains some of it. So do the kickass feeders at my neighbor's house two doors down.

We have light attendance by WBNH and RBNH are rare. For a month we had three whole pairs of Downy, Hairy and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers on the suet feeders. That quieted down enormously.

Will be interesting to see what the snow does to their feeding habits. Anyone else noticed similar trends?

Christopher Cudworth
3C Creative Marketing

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