Date: 1/11/19 11:35 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Hood River birding
Remember that most rivers have two banks. In the Columbia Gorge the Right
Bank is the bright bank . I went as far as BZ Corners just inside the
Klickitat Co line. Round trip on the bridge from Oregon costs $4. I'd say
it was worth it yesterday. State Hwy 141 has multiple pullouts in the
canyon at the mouth of White Salmon River, and crosses a steep southwest
slope . Midday this can be very warm and bright, it's oak woods with
Chickadees, nuthatches. There were multiple Barrow's Goldeneyes in the
canyon waters at closer range than the big river offers. There are small
gravel bars in the White Salmon mouth that Bald Eagles are using to bathe,
then they dry off on surrounding trees. The extensive gravel bar at the
mouth of Hood River looks awesome for a variety of birds, but seems to have
off-leash dog activity every time I'm there.
I stopped at the first pullout north of Hwy 14 in response to
Chickadee calls. I was soon watching the bluff above Cook Inlet, to my nw,
where a Raven and Peregrine were in aerobatic play. Barrel rolls and
stoops, as Ravens are known for. But the Peregrine was in synchrony with
the raven. This went on for well over 5 minutes, with a second Raven at
close hand, and a third Raven using the local lift but only watching the
other birds. The Peregrine tried to engage an adult Redtail flying at
treetop level at the base of the bluff without missing a beat in it's
Ravenplay. At some point l noticed an adult Redtail perched next to the
trunk of a large and limby snag on the summit of the bluff. Two of the
Ravens eventually landed on the back side of the snag from the Redtail.
Then the Peregrine appeared and the Raven "pair" returned to the updraft
with the falcon and were joined by three more Ravens. They swirled around
at a constant elevation for at least 5 more minutes. I'm guessing it was an
adult Peregrine. The back looked gray.lpn

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