Date: 1/10/19 9:28 pm
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Chesapeake and Ohio Canal count mile reservations needed - UPDATE
Count dates: 1/26/19 thru 2/3/19

The coverage gaps for Montgomery County are disappointing to say the
least. Here's another way to break them out - maybe that will be the
key to connecting to some one of you, or better yet, SEVERAL ONES OF
YOU :)

We're 15 miles short of complete coverage in Montgomery County as follows:
Milepost 6 to milepost 10; 4 miles
Milepost 11 to milepost 14; 3 miles
Milepost 18 to milepost 19; 1 mile
Milepost 27 to milepost 29; 2 miles
Milepost 32 to milepost 36; 4 miles
Milepost 38 to milepost 39; 1 mile

NOTE that there may be some issues in some areas due to 2018 storm
damage, so check the NPS site for details:
C&O NPS web link:

For more C&O Count details see: - DC

Some links don't seem to work at the ABA site, but the important ones
are found in this text.

Note: Participants must be current eBird users
[], or be willing to join as data must be
submitted in eBird checklist format.

Note: C&O Canal Trust's access and parking web link:

UPDATED **RESERVED miles are shown just below. Coverage is shown for
birders using the eBird "travelling" protocol, referencing the START
and END mileposts [#/#] with gaps indicated by a semicolon [;].

All miles: 0/6; 10/11; 14/18; 19/27; 29/32; 36/38; 39/77; 79/88;
95/98; 99/101; 156/163; 171/173; 183/canal terminus

Miles by county:
DC 0/3
MONTCO 3/6; 10/11; 14/18; 19/27; 29/32; 36/38
FREDCO 39/58
WASHCO 58/77; 79/88; 95/98; 99/101
ALLEG 156/163; 171/173; 183/canal terminus

To decode the above, for the "MONTCO 29/32; 36/38" entry, a towpath
section in Montgomery County from milepost 29 to milepost 38 has been
reserved with the exception of a GAP of FOUR MILES between mileposts
32 and 36. In addition the mile [mile 39] following milepost 38 is

Re reserving miles:
REPLY with particulars in the following manner: I will bird from
START milepost # to END milepost #.

**RESERVED miles - see *Q & *A section in the FIRST link...

Next update will be 01/18/19.

Jim Speicher
BroadRun/Burkittsville area
[FR] Frederick County MD
Maryland Ornithological Society member, Washington [WA] Co, MD Chapter

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