Date: 1/10/19 8:42 pm
From: Tom Benson via Groups.Io <thomasabenson=<>
Subject: [LACoBirds] Red-flanked Bluetail update, Jan 10
An update on the bluetail for those who may be searching for it in the near future. It was seen three times today, January 10. The first time was around 9 AM (before my arrival at 10:30). The second time it was seen several times over the course of 20 minutes from 1:55-2:15, first in the southeast U-shaped hedge and then into the hedge and ficus in the northeast corner before it was lost. The final time (about 4:30) it was seen coming into the southeast U-shaped hedge from the north, and then spent the next 15 minutes disappearing and reappearing in different parts of the southeast U-shaped hedge, before finally coming out in the open on the brick pathway that is the southern arm of the U-shaped hedge, and actually staying there long enough for everyone present to get satisfying views.
While the bird obviously spends a lot of time in the hedges, if you want to obtain good views of this bird (with a crowd of people present), your best strategy would be to sit/stand still and quietly at the end of one of the long arms of the southeast U-shaped hedge and wait for the bird to pop out onto the pathway, where the best views were had today. An alternate strategy is to sit/stand under the deodar cedar just northeast of the U-shaped hedge and look west into the open, leaf-litter covered area between the U-shaped hedge and the taller hedge to the north. It didn't spend a lot of time there today, but my understanding is that it spent a fair amount of time there yesterday and was well-seen by many in that area. The point is, you probably won't get very good looks at it while it is inside the hedges, and once people start moving around to get better views of the bird it is likely to flush.
Tom BensonSan Bernardino, CA

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