Date: 1/10/19 5:38 pm
From: Kent Forward via Groups.Io <kforward=<>
Subject: [pen-bird] Coastside Rarities 1/10/19
Good Evening Birders,
Finally a day without rain, so out the door at lunch down to Pescadero area to see what's going on!
BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER: originally found by Malia DeFelice and Chris Hayward continues, viewed and poorly photographed from west end of bridge over Butano Creek (near where Bean Hollow Rd intersects with Pescadero Creek Road).
NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH: originally found by Garth Harwood, continues just across street from the fire station off Bean Hollow Rd in the dense riparian.  I later walked down the creek and dipped on the RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER though I hung out by its tree for a bit.
Later in the town of Pescadero on North Street, I checked the Church bottlebrush and School bottlebrush but wound up dipping on the ORCHARD ORIOLE Joshua Stacy and I found during the Ano Nuevo CBC, but so glad so many have been able to see it and it's stuck around!  A good consolation was a beautiful FERRUGINOUS HAWK soaring in low behind the school for great extensive views, probably the best I've ever had of the species. My photographs unfortunately weren't as good!  Hope to post them to eBird later tonight if time.
One other interesting note, on my way home I stopped by HMB Coffee Company and always like to check out the Carter Park riparian area while in town, nice surprises today included a NUTTALL'S WOODPECKER, unusual for the coastside, Al Eisner reported one recently near here as well, and I also saw one and photographed it last year in the park.  Cool to see this species on the coastside. To top it off, a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW decided to pop in with the crowned sparrows working the edge of the parking lot.  A nice day of birding!
Bountiful Birding Everyone!Kent ForwardEl Granada

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