Date: 1/10/19 4:48 pm
From: Jo Ann Eldridge <joann621...>
Subject: Re: RGV Report #4
So much fun to read your reports, Edge. Brings back memories galore. And
glad to be updated on the Seedeater's new name, Morelet's. That bird was
quite a chase and took many trips to add him to my life list. New name
doesn't seem to fit this charming little bird. Thanks for sharing your
interesting days!

Jo Ann Eldridge, Kearney, Clay co.

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 10:24 PM Edge Wade <edgew...> wrote:

> After a leisurly breakfast we took a mid morning walk around the
> university resaca, seeing 35 species with Della and Ruth on the morning of
> Jan. 6. Birds seen were Black Phoebe, Least Grebe, Black-bellied
> Whistling-Duck, 3 species of kingfisher, anhinga, both cormorants, Common
> Gallinule, Green Heron, Tricolored Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron and
> White Ibis. After a picnic at Estero Llano SP we relocated the Common
> Pauraque near the entrance and went to the viewing deck where we observed
> several of the regular species before winds drove us to the car.
> We made a short detour onto J.Hernandez Rd. west of the intersection of
> 1015 and 281 (Military Highway) to view the sod farm grassland with
> Long-billed Curlew. This is a site that will disappear, as a housing
> development is going in, one house at a time. We topped off the day with a
> visit to Oliveiera Park for the parrot fly-in. The high winds sent them to
> a couple trees near the skeatboard area. We found them only after heavy
> dusk had settled in.
> The sixth looked like the best weather day for a foray upriver to
> Salineno. We weren't disappointed. Audubon's and Hooded Orioles joined
> the Altamira for a color contest. The "regulars" were there and a
> Clay-colored Thrush made its first appearance of the season. We dipped
> again on the Morelet's Seedeater, but had a good short productive walk.
> Sparrows stayed down along the Dump Road.
> Falcon SP was good birding, with 39 species, including some roadrunners.
> We were invited to sit at campsite 125 and watch feeder birds. The feeders
> were active. Northern Bobwhite
> Tuseday, Jan. 8 produced some good birding as we headed for Boca Chica
> beach via TX 4. Chihuahuan Ravens, White-tailed and Harris's Hawks,
> caracara and White-tailed Kites, a Common Ground-Dove and Loggerhead
> Shrikes had us stopping frequently. Boca Chica Beach was slim pickins by
> our expectations. No Sandwich Terns joined the roost with the Forster's,
> Caspian and Royal Terns.
> We backtracked on Hwy. 4 to get around the Brownsville Ship Channel to get
> to Hwy. 48 toward South Padre Island. We stopped on Hwy. 4 on this pass to
> take photos of the Space X facilities. None of this complex was here a
> year ago. A rocket sits in two parts, with a crane attached to move the
> cone section atop the base. Much earth moving is being done a little
> further down the road to build the base for the launch pad. Amazing what a
> few billion dollars can do. We didn't make a down payment on a reservation
> for and extraterrestrial flight.
> The Shrimp basin bridge/Zapata boat ramp along Hwy. 48 was a superb site,
> as usual, with many species, including good looks at oystercatchers and
> skimmers.
> Lunch was at Isabel's in Port Isabel, a small very good Mexican
> restaurant. Then came the highlight of the day at the Aplomado Viewing
> site. A pair was sitting on the nest platform. We'd tried several times
> the first week and they were no shows.
> SPI birding was good. No small plovers were seen, Clapper Rail was heard
> only. Fourteen Roseate Spoonbills were on the pond near the boardwalk,
> looking like overgrone water Lilies. Red-breasted Mergansers fed closer to
> us than the lone Common Loon June found.
> We ended the day with dinner at Pirate's Landing for seafood all around.
> Edge Wade
> Brownsville, TX
> <edgew...>
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