Date: 1/10/19 4:02 pm
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Subject: RE: [NEBirds] Re: BOL Mountain Bluebird: maybe a Western?
Boni, they are Mountain Bluebirds.


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Subject: [NEBirds] Re: BOL Mountain Bluebird: maybe a Western?

I was there from about 9:30-10:30 this morning. I just made an album and added 4 photos that I took. I was sitting in my car by the little building where you check in during the summer looking at all the birds and saw the mt. bluebird with the eastern bluebirds in the 2 big trees to the northwest of that building (right beside of the road) and in the cedar just to the north of there. I didn't realize it was rare to the area or I would have tried for better photos.

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