Date: 1/10/19 3:47 pm
From: Kevin Shank via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Union Springs Grosbeak update
Several of you have asked me if the grosbeaks are still being seen, and
whether or not you may come. Unfortunately, I'm not able to monitor the
inquiries sent to <birds...> from my telephone, and I
don't always think about checking when I'm at my computer. If you wish to
inquire, please use <kevin...>, or call 540-947-1636.

A grosbeak was seen Sunday at the 4475 Woodcock Lane address. I've not
looked, nor have I heard from others, whether anyone is looking for/seeing
the grosbeaks since Sunday. People are welcome to check on them. Just shoot
an email to me listed above, or call me. If I'm not seeing the
email/answering the phone, take a look anyway. People here know what is
going on. However, a heads up is appreciated, so I welcome your trying to
reach me.

Also, if you look for the birds and see them, I welcome your posing on the
list serve so others know they are still around.


Kevin Shank

Union Springs

Rockingham County

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