Date: 1/10/19 2:39 pm
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Subject: [hmbirds] Saratoga Lake waterfowl
The Thursday birders took a last trip around Saratoga Lake before Real Winter arrives this weekend. Most of the water was open, with ice only in sheltered shorelines. It didn't look promising when we started out from Brown's Beach, with just the regular assortment of gulls and a hundred Common Mergansers, the first of many to come. From Silver Beach we caught a look at two White-winged Scoters in the middle of the lake. We made our usual stops on the way north, mostly adding a few thousand Canada Geese (and one Snow) and many hundred - perhaps a thousand? - Common Mergansers.

At the boardwalk at the Water's Edge condos we hit the jackpot. We refound Ron Harrower's flock of Canvasbacks, up to nine by now, two male Northern Pintails, a 'Blue' Snow Goose, and a bunch of Bufflehead. Best sighting of the day was a Cackling Goose, seen briefly by half the group until it disappeared into the throng of its cousins.

If you're free Thursday mornings, you're welcome to join us! As winter goes on we'll visit the Fort Edward grasslands and upper Hudson often. Other locations we visit include Harrisburg Road in Warren County, Partridge Run and the Rensselaerville SF, the Cohoes/Crescent Mohawk for gulls, and many other spots where exciting birds are happening. We have also done extralimital trips for exceptional birds. Destinations will be posted here usually on Wednesday.

Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake

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