Date: 1/10/19 12:09 pm
From: Devorah the Ornithologist <birdologist...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Problem-Solving Budgies Make More Attractive Mates
hello everyone,

we all know that parrots are intelligent, but how did their intelligence
arise? a hot-off-the-presses study in the journal SCIENCE provides some
clues. this elegant behavioural study found that direct observation of
problem-solving skills in male budgerigars increases their attractiveness
to females and this mate preference may contribute to the evolution of
enhanced cognitive abilities underlying such skills.

Problem-solving Budgies Make More Attractive Mates

this piece includes some really interesting and insightful comments by Alex
Kacelnik, a behavioural ecologist at Oxford.

I hope you enjoy reading it and, as always, be sure to share widely on
social media (facebook and the others) and via twitter.

thanks for reading.

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