Date: 1/10/19 11:50 am
From: James Pike <jimpike444...>
Subject: Re: [OrangeCountyBirding] Mile Square Regional Park Expansion
The irony is that the trees on the Brookhurst-side of the golf course look
better than those on the regional park side. It once took me eight visits
to refind a Pine Warbler near the Brookhurst course as the bird spent most
of its time in the well-foliaged long-needled pines on the course. Further,
I suspect that orioles have been hard to find this winter as the
red-flowering (ironbark) eucalyptus trees on the David L. Baker golf course
look far fuller and more enticing than the over-trimmed ones off Ward
Street or near the nature center. Why should that be the case, if not a
function of policies that better serve the interests of park personnel
rather than serving the needs of nature, birds and birders? And in that
square-mile of land that encompasses a regional park and three golf
courses, how many ponds are there that are currently devoid of water? I can
only think of one.

Jim Pike

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> While an extension of the nature center works less logically with
> the departure of the golf course bordering Brookhurst rather than that of
> DLB, it doesn't negate the possibility. On the other hand, there is no
> downside to greater birder access to the mature trees on that golf course.
> Perhaps my focus will shift to urging park officials to leave the trees on
> the course with their full carbon-absorbing potential intact rather than
> emulating the anorexic appearance of far too many trees in our local parks
> and neighborhoods. The end result would be a service to both birds and
> birders.
> Jim Pike
> HB
> On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 5:54 PM Vic Leipzig <vicleipzig...> wrote:
>> Jim,
>> I followed up Chris' heads-up to us by contacting the county and
>> getting a staff report from a Board of Supervisors meeting in March of
>> 2018. (see attached). As I read the report, the golf course that will be
>> converted to something else is not David L. Baker but rather the course
>> immediately south of DLB, the one that lies in the dead center of Mile
>> Square Park. DLB (along Edinger) and the third golf course (along Warner)
>> will remain untouched. I think all your comments about vegetation remain
>> perfectly valid.
>> Vic
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>> Thanks for sharing that information with the group. I agree that this is
>> fantastic news. (I'd say 'tremendous' news, but that word has recently been
>> ruined for me). For those that don't know, David L. Baker is the small
>> rectangular golf course situated in the NW corner of Mile Square. It has
>> some nice ponds and healthy red-flowering eucalyptus trees and could
>> readily be converted into something that looks much like the rest of the
>> park. However, there might be potential for that degraded area in the SW
>> portion that is currently occupied by a driving range. Why not make it into
>> an extension of the nature center that is just to the east of it? For
>> example, while I like the desert plantings at the west end of the nature
>> center, they're currently in the process of being swamped by other, more
>> successful plants. Coyotebrush is the primary culprit, as it one of those
>> few native plant species that is truly thriving in the hotter, drier 'new
>> normal' of socal. A fresh start on desert plants could be initiated in this
>> currently-empty (except for golf balls) location, one with desert willows,
>> palo verdes, and plenty of plants with tubular flowers that would be
>> attractive to hummingbirds. And hopefully there would be more than enough
>> spiny plants to keep visitors on the trails, thus allowing the gates to be
>> open on weekends. Anyway, I like the idea of the nature center being
>> expanded, whatever would ultimately be planted there. When the times come
>> for the city to seriously solicit ideas for how the land is to be used,
>> that's the one I'll pitch. Chris, any additional updates you can provide us
>> would be much appreciated.
>> Jim Pike
>> HB
>> On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 7:47 PM Cris Whetstone via Groups.Io
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I just saw on the Fountain Valley community Facebook group that there
>> will be a meeting concerning an expansion of Mile Square Regional Park.
>> Word is it will be the land that is now occupied by the David L Baker golf
>> course.
>> Seems like fantastic news. Hopefully there won't be more massive
>> buildings like that new one off Euclid.
>> Here is a link to the information about the meeting. It's next Wednesday,
>> Jan 16th in that new "Freedom Hall" at Mile Square.
>> Cheers
>> --
>> ---
>> Cris Whetstone
>> Fountain Valley

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