Date: 1/10/19 11:02 am
From: Andy Smith <andrew.w.smith...>
Subject: Re: Kingfisher tangle
I suspect this kind of thing is more frequent than one would hope. My son and some friends found a blue heron tangled in discarded line last winter on Morgan Creek in Carrboro. Fortunately we were able to contact police and animal control and they got the bird to a rehabilitation center. I assume the bird survived, but it is an assumption.

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Subject: Kingfisher tangle

While Betty Scott and I were doing the New River CBC, at Farmers Fish
Camp Rd in alleghany county, we were saddened to see that all the
abandoned fishing line hung up on the utility wires had snagged and
killed a kingfisher. Neither of us could remember seeing this before and
we wondered how common such an occurrence might be. Has anyone else
noticed similar accidents before?

We were wondering whether doing the work to remove the old abandoned
fishing line might be justified.

Thanks, Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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