Date: 1/10/19 7:52 am
From: Donna Hayes <dhayes362...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Male Eclectus Parrot in Sunnyside
Hi all,

On December 23, I heard unfamiliar calls while I was taking my lunchtime walk from my office at City College. I looked around and found a bright green eclectus parrot making a ruckus in a tree around Detroit and Flood. I called SF ACC to report him, but no one had called in a missing eclectus. I expected a hawk or cat to make a meal of him.

This Monday January 7, I saw him again on a telephone on Judson and Edna, harassing a crow. I checked in again with ACC, with no reports of a lost parrot.

I’ve not heard of an eclectus colony in San Francisco, and can’t imagine a positive future for this single guy.

It sure is interesting out there!

Good birding.

Donna Hayes

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