Date: 1/9/19 1:52 pm
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Subject: [NHBirds] It's Twitcher Time!
The "Twitchers in the Rye" will be in the Superbowl of Birding again this year and are accepting pledges to support NH eBird and New Hampshire Bird Records (both programs of NH Audubon's Conservation Department).

For those who don't know, the Superbowl involves looking for as many species as possible in 12 hours and is run by Mass Audubon's Joppa Flats Education Center. Teams compete in Essex County, MA and/or Rockingham County, NH. This year the competition is on January 19th, a week earlier than usual.

After doing 10 years in Rye and winning the Townie Award last year, we are planning to try Hampton, NH! This will necessitate a change in our team name but, as we want to keep our team "uniforms," the name will be "Twitchers out of the Rye." It will also mean some extra scouting to find the best birding spots. Of course, on the Coastal Christmas Bird Count in December there were all kinds of great birds in Rye, including a Yellow-breasted Chat and a White Pelican. If those birds stay around, we may be tempted to revert to our old haunts. We have until January 18 to make an official declaration.

I will continue as the team captain and Andrea Robbins will be back with us. Kathryn Frieden and Susan Wrisley will be returning for a second year. We're looking forward to seeing how many species we can find in Hampton. We'll definitely need to do some extra scouting.

Help spur us on by pledging an amount per species or per point (different species get different numbers of points) or a flat amount - and support the collection of bird data for conservation at the same time.

If you'd like to pledge, please contact me at <rsuomala...>, 603-224-9909 x309.

You can also pledge on-line (and pay if it's a flat amount) at:

If you'd prefer to donate via First Giving (flat dollar amounts only), go to our team page:

If you'd like to read any of the summaries from past years, they're on the web at:

If you have any ideas of winter landbirding spots in Hampton, we're all ears!

Thanks and good luck to ALL the Superbowl teams!

Becky Suomala for Twitchers in the Rye -
Kathryn Frieden, Susan Wrisley, and Andrea Robbins

Past results:
2009 - 63 species, 112 points
2010 - 53 species, 78 points
2011 - 57 species, 94 points
2012 - 58 species, 95 points
2013 - 62 species, 106 points
2014 - 58 species, 104 points
2015 - 59 species, 100 points
2016 - 59 species, 95 points
2017 - 59 species, 93 points
2018 - 59 species, 104 points

Rebecca Suomala

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