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Hutton's Vireo was heard and seen down in the Klamath River Canyon by Frank Mayer, I'd say about 15-16 years ago, in March I think, but the exact date I'd have to look up. The habitat down there includes Oregon White Oak, and low elevation conifer such as Ponderosa Pine and Incense Cedar. I was able to get down there later to also hear and see it. Since this location is connected geographically and with connected habitat, I have considered it the eastern most detention of its range. But, I haven't encountered that species again down there despite many trips and surveys. There is one other record that I'm aware of, on a Klamath Falls CBC, back in the very early '80s. I'd have to look that exact date up also. The location is about as far east as the Klamath River Canyon "type" of habitat extends into the basin. The location however is out of the canyon and in this transition zone.   So, this winter date of the CBC date can support the recent observation date  in a location east of
their normal range.  
I wonder if those dates for Klamath Falls are in Oregon Birds AGR. I'm checking.
Kevin SpencerKlamath Falls, Or
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Not sure how far east they get in Klamath.  I think only on the east slope of the Cascades.  Perhaps Kevin could bring us current on that.
There are multiple reports from Malheur but I don’t think there is a good photo.  There may be one poor photo from maybe the late 1990s - anyone remember that?
As far as I know, yours is the first solid record east of the forested Cascades. Pretty amazing to have one far out on the wheat-plains.
Can someone enlighten us as to any records in e. Washington?

Alan <Contrerasacontrer56...>, Oregon

On Jan 8, 2019, at 2:36 PM, Adrian Hinkle <adrian.hinkle...> wrote:
During a brief stop in Arlington today, while birding the park across from the gas station, I was shocked to hear the whinny call of a Hutton's Vireo coming from a small pine tree. My mom and I were able to track it down and get photos. As best I can tell, this is a first record for Eastern Oregon.
Best,Adrian Hinkle

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