Date: 1/8/19 9:08 pm
From: Joshua Galpern <jgalpern17...>
Subject: [obol] Re: NE Portland Yellow and Palm Warblers
Apparently this Yellow Warbler is a "glowing adult male Yellow Warbler" to
quote Phillip Exactly. Is an early migrant in the question? I cant speak
for folks up in Portland, but in Eugene there was 2-3 days in the past week
that have been noticeably warmer.
Just a thought,

On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 7:07 PM Jay Withgott <withgott...> wrote:

> Hi all —
> Philip’s Yellow Warbler is a very rare find. As far as I can tell, it is
> the latest-staying / latest-surviving winter Yellow Warbler ever recorded
> in Oregon.
> One or more of the Esteemed Birding Elders of this listserv will probably
> chime in with X number of historical examples now to prove me wrong (please
> do if they exist), but from what I can find from a search of eBird and
> Birds of Oregon: A General Reference, there are a handful of Nov. and Dec.
> records of Yellow Warbler, but no records after January 1st.
> In terms of eBird records alone, Philip's is the latest winter Yellow
> Warbler record anywhere on the West Coast north of Humboldt Co.,
> California. The very mild winter thus far in Portland has no doubt
> contributed to its survival.
> However, “our" bird is currently in competition with a Yellow Warbler in
> Tacoma, WA, that has been seen this month from 4 Jan. to 7 Jan. — so we’ll
> have to see which one survives and is seen the longest! The
> Sounders-Timbers rivalry ain’t got nothin’ on this one.
> Jay Withgott
> Portland
> - *From*: Philip Kline <pgeorgekline@xxxxxxxxx>
> - *To*: OBOL <obol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> - *Date*: Tue, 8 Jan 2019 18:21:12 -0800
> I refound Colby Neuman's Palm Warbler today just to the north of the Fazio
> Landfill along NE Fazio Way and 13th Avenue across the road from the Oak
> Harbor Freight Lines building. It was with a flock of 25-30 Yellow-rumpeds
> and a surprise glowing adult male YELLOW WARBLER! Just in the nick of time
> for Portland CBC count week.
> I think Colby mentioned before that weekends may be a better time to visit
> this area. The landfill is active with heavy machinery moving piles of
> dirt around. There aren't any No Trespassing signs, but I'm not sure how
> welcoming the landowners may be to birders, so all the usual warnings
> apply. The older weeded-over piles of the landfill were a goldmine of
> birding activity this afternoon when the rain ceased. The bramble thickets
> on the east side of 13th Avenue to the north (and south of Gertz Road) were
> also very active and I later refound the Palm Warbler here. I would not be
> surprised if there are more hidden gems lurking in this area.
> Good birding,
> Philip Kline

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