Date: 1/8/19 5:06 pm
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Subject: IBET Kankakee County Birding
Jeff Sundberg was kind enough to aid and abet my quest for 5000 Total Ticks in Illinois. I started the year with 4992 (as will be noted in the 2018 Listers Corner), picked up #4993 in Will County (the Kittiwake) a few days ago, and today we went to Kankakee County, which would afford my best shot at adding seven species.Birding was incredibly slow, with virtually all the birds in just a few pockets along the way.Willowhaven Nature Center gave us American Tree Sparrow (#4994).Perry Farm had a few species around the feeders on the north side of the farm area, but nothing I needed until we got to Indian Cave. First of all, what a beautiful spot! Jeff started pishing and out popped:White-breasted Nuthatch (#4995)Orange-crowned Warbler (#4996), which flitted around at eye level for a couple minutes, affording perfect views!Red-breasted Nuthatch (#4997)Off to Kankakee River State ParkCommon Goldeneye (#4998) andYellow-rumped Warbler (#4999) near the Visitor's Center.All I needed was a titmouse or any goose besides Canada, but no luck.We drove around the north end of the county looking for flocks of geese; no luck.Then we got to 11000N/3000E, where two Eurasian Collared-Doves were sitting on a wire. #5000!
Thanks go out to all who've entered their sightings into eBird (especially Jed and Bronson); I'd never before been to any of those three locations.

Joe Lill
Chicago, Cook County
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