Date: 1/7/19 1:25 pm
From: Paul Hurtado <paul.j.hurtado...>
Subject: [cobirds] "Greenland" Geese in CO
With the crazy mix of geese currently in northern CO, I wanted to encourage
birders to be on the alert to carefully document Greater White-fronted
Geese while searching for the Barnacle and Pink-footed Geese.

Greenland forms of Greater White-fronted Goose (GWFG) are separable in the
field from the usual form we see in winter, and documenting the presence of
these or any of our usual species of geese from Greenland or northeastern
Canada would add to our understanding of where these birds might have come
from (e.g., banded or collared Snow Geese).

If you photographed any GWFG while chasing either of these rarities over
the past few weeks, do take some time to check for Greenland forms, and
report back if you documented any. :-)

Some resources:

"Greenland Geese in North America" from 2008.

Lastly, 1 of a pair of Barnacle Geese was shot by a hunter in northeastern
CO a couple of weeks ago on 12/23/2018. Like the Barnacle Goose in
Fredrick, it had both hind toes and no bands. This could very well be that
2nd bird! The harvested bird might get feather and/or tissue analyses done
to determine provenance (I'm trying to get an update on this, so if you're
in the loop I'd appreciate an update). IMO the outcome of that analysis has
some weight in thinking about whether or not this latest bird "counts".

Good birding,
Paul Hurtado
Reno, NV and Pueblo, CO

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