Date: 1/7/19 11:56 am
From: Victoria Sokolowski <vasladyvet...>
Subject: [wisb] Feeder Birds
I am feeding good numbers of Goldfinch , Pine Siskins, Chickadees, mourning doves, and one pair of Cardinals here in Ladysmith at my office - the only ones missing from last year are the Common Redpolls. They are going through good amounts of sunflower hearts. At home, about 10 miles north of Ladysmith, I am providing a buffet for House Sparrows (I wish the cold and snow would come because then those go away), European Starlings (about 200 of them - ugh), Chickadees, Nuthatches (both kinds), mourning doves, lots of Woodpeckers (Hairy, Downy, and Pileated that I have seen recently), Blue Jays (many) and my highlight has been getting to watch a Northern Shrike hunt the deer mice in my pasture. Efficient little killers and very active when hunting. So far I have not seen the Shrike bother any birds, but who knows what goes on when I am not watching. My bird numbers seem about the same to me at both places.

Vicki Sokolowski
Ladysmith, Rusk County####################
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