Date: 1/7/19 10:55 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Latests Records of the Oregon Bird Records Committee
Well goes to show one should always submit rare bird reports. I have a nice underwing picture of the Clatsop godwit that should remove all concern. Will need to see about pics of the Storm-Petrels. I suffered computer issues since those pictures were taken.

Bob Archer

> On Jan 7, 2019, at 10:23 AM, Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...> wrote:
> Greetings all,
> On behalf of the committee, I'd like to welcome Sally Hill, Adrian Hinkle, and Philip Kline to the OBRC and Bob Archer to the committee as an alternate. Each member serves a three year term, with alternates serving a one year term. Our yearly election takes place each December.
> Committee Members:
> Hendrik Herlyn
> Craig Miller
> Wink Gross
> Nick Mrvelj
> Wayne Hoffman
> Jeff Gilligan
> Sally Hill
> Adrian Hinkle
> Philip Kline
> Alternates:
> Tim Janzen
> Stefan Schlick
> Tom Crabtree
> Bob Archer
> Here is the latest batch of records that the Oregon Bird Records Committee voted on, between the dates of 10/30/2018 until 12/30/2018.
> ASSP-14-12
> A photo and brief write up of an ASHY STORM-PETREL was submitted to the committee by Russ Namitz, with the pictures taken by Tom Shreve. The bird was seen on September 26th, 2014 on a pelagic trip out of Coos Bay. The group reportedly had three other ASSP that day as well.
> DICK-18-24
> A well documented DICKCISSEL was seen at the Philomath Sewage Treatment Ponds in Benton County this past October 18th. Originally found, documented, and submitted to the committee by Hendrik Herlyn, we also received an additional report and photo submissions from Isaac Denzer. This record was accepted after one round of voting.
> GRSH-18-03
> Oregon's third record of GREAT SHEARWATER was seen on September 15, 2018 on an Oregon Pelagic Tours trip out of Newport. Originally spotted by Rich Hoyer, the bird was later seen, documented, and enjoyed by many before flying off after 10 minutes. The record passed after one round of voting. Thank you Tim Shelmerdine for your submission to the committee.
> HUGO-18-31
> A juvenile HUDSONIAN GODWIT was seen and documented by Tye Jeske at Fern Ridge Reservoir on August 15, 2018. Although there were some questions as to how one could safely rule out a juvenile Bar-tailed or Black-tailed Godwit from the photos and description provided, the majority of the committee agreed that Tye's bird was a good fit for a juvenile Hudsonian Godwit. This record was accepted after two rounds of voting.
> LAGO-18-19
> The sight only record of an adult male LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH and four juveniles was accepted after a second round of voting. The birds, seen on July 9th, 2018 at Provolt Pond in Josephine County by Anne Goff, potentially represent the first breeding record for the state of Oregon. The committee felt the description of the male sounded spot on, but there were some questions raised as to the identify of the juvenile birds, with some members expressing concern over being able to eliminate hybrid offspring from the description provided.
> LIST-18-10
> A juvenile LITTLE STINT found by Peter Low on 9/8/18 at the Wickiup Reservoir in Deschutes County was accepted unanimously by the committee after one round of voting. Thank you James Moodie and Craig Miller for your accompanying report and photos.
> 2nd Round (To be voted on from 1/1/19 until 3/1/19)
> BBWA-18-14
> A report of a BAY-BREASTED WARBLER seen on September 29th, 2018 at the Bayocean Spit in Tillamook County will move on to another round of voting. Seven members voted to accept while two voted to not accept.
> BFBO-18-05
> A report of a BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY seen around Cape Meares in Tillamook County on September 27th , 2018 will move to a second round of voting. This report received seven votes to accept and two to not accept.
> BLSP-15-06
> A report of a BLACK STORM-PETREL from a pelagic on August 1st, 2015 has finally made its way to the committee, via a few degrees of separation from the actual observer. The committee voted 8 to 1 to accept, and the report will go another round. Just a reminder to those that find review list birds in the state of Oregon, please try and submit a report first hand.
> HUGO-18-32
> A report of a HUDSONIAN GODWIT seen on September 13th, 2018 at Fort Stevens SP in Clatsop County was unanimously accepted by the committee. However, one vote was cast to accept as SPECIES UNRESOLVED, and now the committee will have another round of voting to fully rule out any similarly looking godwits.
> LCSP-18-05
> A report of a juvenile LECONTE'S SPARROW will move on to a second round of voting. Seen and photographed by several in mid September 2018 in Klamath County, the committee voted 8 to 1 to accept. The report will now move on to a second round of voting.
> NABO-18-01
> The carcass of potentially Oregon's first record of NAZCA BOOBY was found washed up on South Beach in Lincoln County on September 14th, 2018. These types of reports are always difficult for records committees to assess, so unsurprisingly, the report will move on to a second round, with 8 members voting to accept and 1 voting to not accept. Of the 8 that voted to accepted, one voted to accept as SPECIES UNRESOLVED.
> PLVI-18-15
> A report of a PLUMBEOUS VIREO from September 1st, 2018 in Harney County will move on to another round of voting. The committee voted 8 to 1 to accept, with one member feeling this record could be combined with a previous accepted record of this species from earlier in 2018.
> PLVI-18-16
> Another report of a PLUMBEOUS VIREO from September 15th, 2018 in Lake County will also move on to a second round of voting. The committee voted 7 to 2 to not accept.
> WISP-15-07
> A report of a Wilson's Storm-Petrel from a 2015 pelagic out of Newport came before the committee. Seven members voted to not accept while two voted to accept.
> If you have found a rare bird in the state of Oregon that is currently on the OBRC Review List, please submit a Rare Bird Report Form and send any photos or sound recordings to Treesa Hertzel at <Autumn207...>
> Good birding everyone,
> -Nick Mrvelj
> Virus-free.

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