Date: 1/7/19 8:49 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Cedar Waxwings, etc.
Yesterday morning we saw the Red-shouldered Hawk again.  When we got to
the top of the hill and the cul-de-sac I was pleasantly surprised when a
flock of Cedar Waxwings showed up.  I was able to point them out to a
neighbor who was also out with his dogs.  The Waxwings were feasting on
Bradford Pear fruit.  They did the same thing last year.  This morning
some Robins were in the same tree with one lone Waxwing with them.

Some friends stopped by yesterday to check out the birds in my yard.  We
decided to check on the Eagle nest.  No eagle in that tree or the
sycamores on the water's edge.   When I looked over to Lover's Leap at
the top of the cliff I saw the eagle. sitting in the tree.   They are so
flashy and easy to spot even from a distance and without binoculars.  Of
course it helps when you have seen them there in the past.  After a
while the Eagle took flight and circled above us with the resident
Red-tailed Hawk also making an appearance.

Late afternoon I walked my dog over there again.  This time we saw the
pair of birds sitting in the same tree at Lover's Leap. I'm looking
forward to being able to watch them raise their young.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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