Date: 1/6/19 2:51 pm
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] CBC Challenge - My Wrinkle on Things
Greetings All:

I participated in the three CBCs that I compile - all in the allegedly
dry, truly windswept, and not really birdless vicinity of Lubbock.

As there was no way I could compete with Matagorda County - a CBC I
participated in once and was blown away by - I decided to compete
against eBird. How well did I do against the cumulative December list
for Bailey, Crosby, Dickens, and Lubbock Counties (counties included
in my CBCs) from 1998 through 2018 (my era in the region).

Cumulatively, those four counties have racked up 221 species during
the Decembers between 1998 and 2018. My routes are pretty good (the
third best route on the Lubbock County CBC, the second best route on
the Muleshoe NWR CBC, and the best route on the White River Lake CBC)
and I tallied 92 species on the Lubbock County CBC on the 15th, added
three new species during the Muleshoe NWR CBC on the 16th, and added
twenty-four new species during the White River Lake CBC on the 29th -
bringing my CBC total for the year to 119.

Well, 119 divided into 221 is 53.8462% and I feel reasonably happy to
have done so well without even knowing what I was trying to do:)

My one person in three sections effort against Matador County's 123
person effort in twelve sections was only 119 out of 237 (50.2111%)
and, again, I feel pretty good. I've been practicing, keeping the
ankles loose and the eyeballs hydrated, ready to give 1110% to the
team, etc... and that ain't bad.

My favorite bird was one I didn't see: with a bit of a wave of Eastern
Towhees in the Panhandle Proper, I really enjoyed giving every Spotted
Towhee (the species that turned me into a birder by the by) seen
during the White River Lake CBC a thorough going over and learned a
bit about Spotted Towhee variation ... but I was not able to turn any
of them into a Spotted Towhee. Brandon Best and Rich Kostecke,
however, found a hybrid on their route so kudos to them!

Anthony Hewetson; Lubbock
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