Date: 1/6/19 10:28 am
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] Thank you David

Thanks to David for all he does! More later on David

I thought my note from last night went only to that person—I had deleted the other names that were attached

I have not said anything since the first day, other than my accidental post last night, in spite of being copied privately and also getting Texbirds posts. As I recall, I only posted the response and one comment, in spite of having others constantly bring me up

I have received a lot of email both directions, but I really don’t need that—we’ve had >35 people visit the last week and probably much more, but I don’t have time to grab the exact number—each of these have to go to the contact page for a visit and it takes me 5-8 min each to arrange these and I have a fast response, usually & we don’t have staff and don’t charge administrative salaries. Last year, we ended up spending 23K over donations to maintain Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary, but it is a labor of love and we enjoy sharing our paradise, within respectable limitations. We don’t even charge all that we could to the sanctuary, which we plan on protecting. We have to pay $15/hr to get maintained.

I love the people making fun of my list post—I thought you could bother to open the link and see the Vermillion Flycatcher, nuthatch, creeper, Grasshopper, Le’Conte’s, 67 species for the day and other good stuff, but no, you are bored. The purpose of posting is that you know what is out there and you can look yourself in your patch, or make arrangements to come here. We had 11 species of Sparrows yesterday and not that many out searching for that species.

This week has been very chaotic—we had a man knock on my private home door and walk in after knocking this week, plus we had a gentleman climb my fence and study the gate mechanism for 10 min and it ended up that he was on probation and home arrest and had numerous problems and record.

This week has been amazing with the two of us having 8 dr appts this week! At least the traffic was light with going to the medical center with school being out.

So, I’m sorry last nights post went out, but I still stand by liking a birding list being apolitical! You can call it anyone’s name that is in politics and I would have the same thoughts—I like the standards that David had maintained all this time and yes, he does a lot of work—I know, I’m admin of many things and it takes a lot of work and much behind the scene. Thank you David for all you do! It also takes a lot of time to share and I know how much time all this takes! Thanks again!

Susan Schaezler,
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