Date: 1/5/19 9:11 pm
From: candace larson <acecandace...>
Subject: [obol] Portland CBC, Preliminary Results
Hello bird nerds,

Today was held the 93rd annual Portland CBC, our contribution to the
longest-running community science
project in North America. Over 240 field observers traversed the count
circle under changeable but (seasonally) pleasant skies. and found 119
species; more may emerge as our sizable collection of Feeder Watcher
reports get sorted through in the coming days. As ever, enormous thanks to
the Area Leaders: Colby Neuman, Dan Strong, Lynn Herring, Carol Murdock,
and Joe Liebezeit, who organized this year's prodigious volunteer corps and
crunched the resulting data into a usable tally for processing. It's a huge
task, and they get much credit for pulling off another great count.

Casey Cunningham wins the count's coveted "eagle eye" award for the second
year running, for relocating the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher he first reported
back in November. Congratulations, Casey!

Tundra Swan was an unexpected miss, but we did finally picked up Eurasian
Wigeon after dipping three years in a row. Other excellent birds included
the continuing Eastern Bluebird, plus Palm Warbler, Sora, Swamp Sparrow and
Ring-necked Pheasant.

Thanks again to all the intrepid field teams and feeder watchers! Happy
New Year and Good Birding in 2019.

Cheers, Candace Larson

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