Date: 1/5/19 7:30 pm
From: <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Lincoln and South Tillamook Counties today
> Gull action in Lincoln City was very heavily > Western/G-wing, with
only a single light gull, > possibly a Thayer's × Glaucous.

Enjoyed the report. Gull stuff -
Unfortunately recent storms/tides have pushed up enoughsand to block
the outflow of the D River on multipleoccasions, which was the case
today - after the channelhad already been dredged just 2 weeks ago.
It's normallythe river mouth that draws ocean-going winter gullssuch
as Herrings coming in to rest. And the flow isnormally strong enough
that the north side gives somerespite from beach combers, dogs etc.
which is whya flock tends to build there. Without the mouth it'sjust
another stretch of heavily trod unappealing openbeach, so no surprise
the gull crowd wasn't veryinteresting today.
I know and have pondered the confusing 'light' (2nd-cycle) individual
you are likely referring toas it has been resident, hanging out with
the Western/G-w crowd at the D River for over 4 month now.FWIW I don't
think Iceland (any form) x Glaucous is a known hybrid, and it is
generally assumedto be unlikely as they have different
nestingpreferences. On the other hand this individual couldpotentially
be an intermediate Iceland (Thayer's xKumlien's so to speak). But
given it's structurally large-end for an Iceland not sure how to rule
outa small/pale Herring x Glaucous-winged, or maybesomething else not
considered. At least it's pretty.Shot attached.

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