Date: 1/5/19 6:07 pm
From: Deapesh Misra via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Northern Rough-winged Swallow & Cackling Goose at UOSA (Fairfax County)
I briefly stopped by the Upper Occoquan Service Authority (UOSA) in Centreville (FFX County) this evening. And what I was expecting to be a quick look-around turned into a spectacular birding opportunity !

Even before I could park the car - I noticed a "very small Canada Goose" amidst the flock. I was able to re-find it and observed it through my binoculars. The stubby bill was very apparent - a  'Cackling Goose' ! 
I am also of the belief that there were more than one Cackling Goose in the flock, but the geese were very skittish and quickly flew away.

As I tried following the geese in flight, I saw a bird flying around like a  swallow ! This turned out to be a Northern-Rough Winged Swallow ! It was flying pretty low in circles around a water filtering tank and I was able to follow it in my binoculars (actually I was using my daughter's binoculars). The short tail, overall brown color and dingy chest were apparent in the low light. At times it seemed that there was some kind of sheen on the upper side of the swallow, but that could be a manifestation of the optics on my daughter's binoculars.

Later I returned with my binoculars and a camera, but could not re-find the swallow.

The checklist is here: 
There may have been more ducks in the pond than what I reported in the checklist, but I paid all my attention to the Geese and the Swallow.
cheers,DeapeshFairfax County.

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