Date: 1/5/19 5:31 am
From: Bryce Hardway <brycehardway21...>
Subject: [texbirds] Recap of 2018 Hardway Circle Game
Good morning all!

I’m no Anthony Hewetson, but here’s a recap of the little challenge my dad
and I did inspired by the challenges him and Rich Kostecke have had in
years past! We drew a three mile radius around our “home bases”, his being
our house in Lago Vista, and mine being my campus, Texas Lutheran
University, in Seguin. I had the slight edge in riparian habitat, giving me
more migrants, however my dad had the wildcard, being the lake.

I did edge him out in the end, beating him 129-121, ultimately winning that
amazing breakfast at Taqueria Guadalajara in Cedar Park. I think part of
this had to do with the lake flooding this fall. The highlights for me were
a Zone-tailed Hawk and Brown Creeper on campus, Magnolia Warbler and
Louisiana Waterthrush at Riverview Park, a Merlin and Yellow-headed
Blackbird in the fields north of TLU and a Harris’s Hawk uptown.

My dad’s highlights were the resident pair of Rock Wrens at Greenshore
Park, a Louisiana Waterthrush also at Greenshore, White-rumped and Baird’s
Sandpiper at Arrowhead Park, Wood Duck (still have no idea how he pulled
that one out of Lago), Common Poorwill, and Marsh Wren.

We decided to do a Park vs Park battle this year. To make it interesting so
I can’t just camp at Riverview when I don’t have class, we’re limiting
ourselves to just one visit to these parks per month. We’re going to pit
his Lake Creek Trail vs my Riverview Park this year, most species wins a
case of brewski’s of the winner’s choice.

I’ll try to do a lot better of updating y’all on how this goes this year!
That chicken fajita omelet is going to taste so, so good tomorrow.

Good birding and Happy New Year!
Bryce Hardway
Lago Vista, TX

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