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Subject: [obol] Re: 1980s style reporting and experiences
A similar system was used well into the 2000's at Malheur. Folks would
leave their sighting notes stuck to a fence rail at the Frenchglen Hotel.
It took quite awhile to get cell phone coverage in that part of the state.

Mark Nikas

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> Back in the '80s, some didn't even have a land line phone. We had a system
> at Santa Clara River estuary, Ventura Co., CA, to add to "notes" left under
> a special rock. Anyone arriving or leaving could read about the date and
> interesting species, and its observer, and leave a date and list
> interesting species. It was a heads up or "wow!" moment when reading it.
> That was a regularly visited location, and the notes were a way to
> communicate without a phone.
> Kevin Spencer
> Klamath Falls, Oregon
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> Hi Wayne & All,
> Thanks for the correction. I'm sure you're right, that must have been
> "Blue" Grouse hooting. This was east of Hart Pass, which I think puts it in
> the overlap zone between Dusky and Sooty Grouse.
> That was my first summer in the Pacific Northwest, so my first idea at the
> time was Sasquatch. However the Audubon Field Guide to Western Forests (the
> only field guide I had along in my backpack) mentioned grouse as a
> possibility, and that was a more comforting explanation.
> Since then I've seen Spruce Grouse a few times in the Pasayten region, but
> I've never knowingly heard them.
> Cheers,
> Joel
> --
> Joel Geier
> Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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