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Back in the '80s, some didn't even have a land line phone. We had a system at Santa Clara River estuary, Ventura Co., CA, to add to "notes" left under a special rock. Anyone arriving or leaving could read about the date and interesting species, and its observer, and leave a date and list interesting species. It was a heads up or "wow!" moment when reading it. That was a regularly visited location, and the notes were a way to communicate without a phone.
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Hi Wayne & All,

Thanks for the correction. I'm sure you're right, that must have been "Blue" Grouse hooting. This was east of Hart Pass, which I think puts it in the overlap zone between Dusky and Sooty Grouse.

That was my first summer in the Pacific Northwest, so my first idea at the time was Sasquatch. However the Audubon Field Guide to Western Forests (the only field guide I had along in my backpack) mentioned grouse as a possibility, and that was a more comforting explanation.

Since then I've seen Spruce Grouse a few times in the Pasayten region, but I've never knowingly heard them.


Joel Geier
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