Date: 1/4/19 5:05 pm
From: OBA Instagram <insta...>
Subject: [obol] Share your photos!
Happy New Year!

Our New Year's resolution is to connect more with the awesome birders
across Oregon, and to do this, we need your help: We want your photos!

Specifically, we hope to curate an instagram account - *@oregonbirding* -
that is not just great photos of the beautiful birds in our state, but also
photos that tell stories- stories about conservation, citizen science
projects, rare birds, good birding with friends, interesting bird
behavior... you get the point.

Please share your photos by emailing them to *<insta...>
<insta...>, *or tagging us @oregonbirding in your Instagram
post. We will happily credit the photo if you provide us with an instagram
handle, or with just your name, or even anonymously if you prefer, but we
want to be able to post the *date & location *of the photograph.

Thanks so much, and happy birding!

The OBA social media folks

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