Date: 1/4/19 4:01 pm
From: Jenna Curtis <thejennabird...>
Subject: [obol] Some Ways to Thank the Eastern Bluebird "Hosts"
A little late, something to consider if you appreciated seeing the Eastern
Bluebirds at the Dharma Rain Zen Center (DRZC) as much as I did.
Anticipating a renewed flurry of birders seeking the Eastern Bluebirds for
their 2019 year lists, I contacted the DRZC and asked how we birders might
best express our appreciation for their graciously allowing so many of us
to tromp around their property/gardens.

Genko at the DRZC responded to my inquiry with the following suggestions:
- The bulletin boards around the site have been updated with new
information, including upcoming volunteer events and other ways for folks
to get involved. Please check them out!
- If you wish to contribute monetarily, the best way is still through their
online donation portal. Genko says "You can go to our web site ( and click on 'Donate', or you can get there directly by
going to"

I know birders occasionally thank the "hosts" of rare birds with gifts of
birdseed/suet, homemade goodies, adult beverages, gift cards, etc. My
impression was the two best ways to support the Center are by volunteering
at DZRC events and/or with a small donation. By my count, if every birder
who saw the Eastern Bluebirds donated just $2 per visit, that would still
be nearly $500 for the DRZC! Think of how much additional bird habitat they
might plant with that money... =)

To be clear, the purpose of my e-mail is not to "guilt trip" or goad anyone
into giving money to the DRZC. I understand that site is generally publicly
accessible to all. My intent was simply to inform those who appreciated
access to the Eastern Bluebirds and the hospitable, welcoming attitude of
the Center and its staff as much as I did with their preferred means of
expressing thanks. I hope some of you find the above information useful!

Happy new year, and best of luck on all your 2019 birding adventures,
Jenna Curtis

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