Date: 1/4/19 7:19 am
From: David Sarkozi <david...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Texas CBC Challenge
I kept track of my species during the CBC season (actually I guess there is
still a day to go!) I've had 199 species. I've done seven CBCs. Since a day
is only about 10.5 hours of day light I would guess my max party hours
would be no more than 73.5 making my species per party hour 2.7

So how many party hours did the Matagorda County CBC generate? what is the
species per party hour?

I've never thought the Matagorda County CBC totals where unexpected. Its a
transitional zone, it has a lot of fresh, salt, and brackish wetlands, It
doesn't loose much habitat to urbanization and most important it gets very
good coverage and generates a lot of party hours.

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 5:46 PM Brent Ortego <brentortego...>

> I am continuously being impressed with the Matagorda County CBC. It
> produces 230 species most years.
> How difficult is it for you to ID 230 species during the CBC season? How
> many CBCs would you have to attend to get to 230 species?
> I typically do not compile my daily checklists during the CBC season to
> calculate total species. I am going to compile the total species I
> reported during the 10+ counts I will attend this year. I suspect it will
> not be close to 230, but it will be fun trying.
> I hope you join me in trying to match Matagorda County and attend a few
> more CBCs along the way.
> Brent Ortego
> Victoria, TX

David Sarkozi
Houston, TX
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